These works of art don't easily fall into a specific category. 

Some of my paintings are a bit akin to pointillism, some are more abstract than usual. 

A favourite art form of mine is felting landscapes. I use pure Merino wool fleece, wet felt it and then embellish it with a little embroidery.

Lighthouse mixed media.jpg
Galaxy 1 web.jpg
Dartmoor in bloom sm.jpg
Haytor in Summer sm.jpg
Pointillist painting of Cornish mine ruin

Below are textile pictures made with 100% wool, wet felted and embellished with a little embroidery.

Felt picture lake sunset
poppies by Lake.jpg
Felt picture The Gate
Sunset over the sea sm.jpg
Castle by the shore sm.jpg
Lighthouse at sunse sm felt.jpg

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"Haytor in Summer". A painting in acrylics size 65cm x 40cm. £440