A favourite art form of mine is felting landscapes. I start with Merino wool fleece, wet felt it and then embellish it with a little embroidery. It is a centuries-old natural process and I find it fascinating that wool fibres change into a thick and attractive fabric when wetted and rubbed with soap.

Felt picture The Gate
poppies by Lake.jpg
Lighthouse at sunse sm felt.jpg
Castle by the shore sm.jpg
Felt picture lake sunset
Sunset over the sea sm.jpg
"Mount Batten Beach sm..jpg
cottage in the hills sm.jpg
Border Collie sm.jpg
Dartmoor Dawn sm.jpg
Plym Sound felt panorama sm.jpg
Lighthouse mixed media.jpg
Dartmoor in bloom sm.jpg

Below are a few paintings which don't easily fit into other categories.

Pointillist painting of Cornish mine ruin
Haytor in Summer sm.jpg
Galaxy 1 web.jpg