Felting is a favourite art form of mine. To make "painted " pictures in felt, I start by laying out raw wool fibres in layers to form the pattern I want, then apply water and soap and rub gently, after which I apply friction by rolling up the piece repeatedly in a bamboo mat until a thick fabric forms. This is an ancient process, and it always seems somehow miraculous to me that loose fibres of wool can change so dramatically into a thick and durable piece of material. Once the picture is formed, I add a little embroidery for detail.

Occasionally I also make pictures by needle felting. This is a modern technique, invented around the middle of the last century, and is achieved by pushing raw fibres into a piece of flat plain felt with a needle. 

Vase flowers sm.jpg
"Mount Batten Beach sm..jpg
Fields of gold sm.jpg
felt collie sm.jpg
Fields of gold 2 sm.jpg
Sunflowers in vase sm.jpg
Sunset at the Cove sm.jpg
cottage in the hills sm.jpg
Old Lighthouse sm.jpg
Vase of flowers 2sm..jpg
Dartmoor Dawn sm.jpg
Fairy Tale Glen sm.jpg
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