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Sometimes it's good to try something different!

Recently I have been enjoying painting in a style something like pointillism. 

I have also been experimenting with mixed media and a slightly more abstract approach.

Even more adventurously, I have been experimenting with creating "paintings" with 

pure wool fibres using a wet felting technique.

Here are some of the results!

St Michaels Mount painting in acrylics
Acrylic painting of Haytor. Piointillist
Acrylic painting of Botallack mine, Cornwall

Below are some small paintings using various elements which give texture, and fluid acrylics or acrylic inks. 

Lighthouse mixed media.jpg
Dartmoor in bloom sm.jpg
Cliffs near Sidmouth sm.jpg
Pointillist painting of Cornish mine ruin
Summer surf sm.jpg

Below are some small experimental paintings using purely wool.

Each painting is wet-felted using dyed merino wools, and when dry, a little detail is added using embroidery threads.

felt picture of Cornish coastline
felt picture of a lakeside sunset

 Original paintings on heart-shaped slates make lovely gifts. I paint them in acrylic paint and then they are lightly varnished.

Here is a slate depicting a goldfinch. So endearing!

Felt landscape