LOCAL SCENES (south west Devon)

I am privileged to live in a wonderful part of the world, south west Devon.

Over the 6+ years I have lived here, I have painted many beautiful local scenes.

Currently (from the start of 2021) I am working on a project to paint at least 12 local scenes from photographs submitted by local residents. My aim is to produce a calendar of paintings from residents' photos, hopefully including short comments by the photographers. I hope too, that it will cover a variety of different locations and seasons.

Watch this space! I will be adding more paintings as I complete them!

Hooe Lake 19sm.jpg
Path to Bovisand sm.jpg
Stairway to heaven sm.jpg
Bovisand beach sm.jpg
Jennycliff beach sm.jpg
Spring Hooe woods sm.jpg
"View to Oreston" from photo by Mary jane James. Oils on board. 10 x 12 inch.
Autumn Jennyscombe woods sm.jpg
sunset sound sm.jpg
Storm brewing sm.jpg
Turnchapel sm.jpg
Reftlections on hooe lake sm.jpg
Mount Batten jetty sm.jpg
Radford lake 2020 sm..jpg
Nov Sunset Hooe Lake sm.jpg