This is a Drawing Course for beginners which I wrote and taught several years ago.

It can be used in a group, or can be used by individuals to teach themselves the basics of drawing.

It has been well-received both in groups and by individuals.

It covers most elements of drawing and includes some of my own drawings as examples.

Drawing course cover.jpg
Drawing page 1.jpg
Drawing page 2.jpg
Drawing page 3.jpg

The book is printed in black and white on an ordinary printer and is bound with a comb binder. The cover and back of the book are card for durability.

The course itself consists of 31 pages and is divided into 6 lessons.

In a group, it can be worked through in more than 6 lessons - but when I taught the course, I divided the material into 6 sessions and set homework.

An individual can work through the material at his or her own pace. 

The book costs £10, which includes postage.

If you are interested in doing the course and sending your work to me by email for comments and help, let me know.

Contact me if you would like a copy of the book.