The vast majority of my work is just what it says on the tin- original!

Here are some of the items produced by Jean at Jeanmintoftoriginals which are not necessarily featured on this web site:

  • Original paintings on greetings cards.

  • Original paintings on stones, most of them cartoon-like characters. 

  • Small Trinket boxes which are hand-painted and decorated. These make ideal small gifts.

  • Small round cork coasters specifically aimed at children, which depict cartoon-like characters. All are hand-painted.

  • Mini original paintings on easels.

  • Original paintings on heart-shaped slates. These are mainly paintings of birds and flowers, but paintings can be done to your individual requirements. 

  • Coasters made from prints of Jean's paintings.

 If you would like any further details about any of these items, please contact me.

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